Extending Your Range

Many of you may already know that the cluster and DC/DC converter rob you of some range if you don’t use the service switch constantly. I was losing considerable range driving only two or three days a week.For the service switch I decided to make this a more convenient operation. If you have the later switch setup with the service switch in the rightmost location you can do this pretty easily…remove the drivers seat and the drivers side l metal and plastic retainers for the front cover section plus the center piece surrounding the seat belt anchors. Drill a 1/2" hole in the top of the rear cover as shown in the pic. Good idea to remove a cable from one of the batteries to be safe. Remove the nut retaining the switch…push it back thru the hole…reach underneath the metal bracket, grab the switch assembly and mount it in the new hole in the cover and replace the top nut… There is just enough slack in the harness to do this, no more. Over a period of 7-12 days I am extending my range 40-50% just by eliminating the loss when the car is idle.

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