Excessive Inrush current blows fuse.

Ruff & Tuff Golf Cart, 2008 TREV Cruiser 4PA
Several months ago, I started experiencing intermittent problems with start-up. Press the pedal and nothing happens. Try and try again. Eventually, at mid throttle, the unit responds and lurches forward. (Don’t think I ever experienced that in reverse.)

Thought it might be the relays, so removed both forward & reverse, cleaned contacts, swapped and replaced them (they’re the same part). everything OK for about a month. Lately, and again, not al the time, there’s a “pickup” delay. But now the inrush is so high that it blows the 20 A fuse, killing lights, horn, brake lights, etc. Power part of the circuit still works AOK so the cart runs.

Anybody have any idea how to troubleshoot/resolve the problem? I don’t have any local mechanics local who know R&T.