EV1 Turbine

Since this is my first post, I would like to introduce myself;
My name is Roel Scheffers, I’m a student(automotive engineering) from Holland.

We are currently working on some projects which have everything to do with durability, milieu, fossil resources, etc. etc… We came across the idea of researching a hybrid-electric vehicle, but in stead of being equipped with an ottomotor we wanted something different. After some brainstorming and discussing we decided it had to be a turbine-electric-hybrid vehicle.

Soon we found out about the EV1, we decided this had to be the base of our project. Our goal is to “theoreticly” improve this concept. Because we haven’t got all the time of the world, we limit ourselves to the turbine only. We already found some specifications on the Wiki about the EV1 as earlier mentioned in this thread.

I was hoping someone could help us get some more specific information about this turbine.
We have to make drawings of the turbine, therefore it would be nice to have some more info. We can presume some specifications for our research but it would be nice to have some more information.

Any usefull links?
Are there more pics taken of the turbine?
Any information is useful.

I hope to find some here! thanx!!