EV nubie, Can I bounce some ideas off ya

Currently I am in the pre-design phase of an extended conversion project. I want to build a performance EV with multiple power sources. Theoretically I would use a battery w/ a capacitor for every day driving, an ICE gen would be used intermittently for rapid acceleration or recharging, and during performance situations I would use all three. And by performance situations I mean 0-60~4.0s or less, and top speed around 160mph.

I have a couple of issues with this design. 1) First is it possible to build a simple DC system that uses multiple power sources. 2) Second using a donor car like a 90’s Subaru RS are these performance characteristics even possible. I understand there are a lot of unknowns right know (i.e. Weight!) but I was wondering if anyone could give me a baseline on how much power this kind of performance would require and how it could be wired up.

This sounds cool, for the most part it’s like what I’m doing.

You should be able to use multiple power sorses so long as they are wired in parralel (wireing the genorator and capaciter directly to the battery pack sould work).

I think if want to get 0-60 in 4s you are going to need a 3-phase AC motor. However a DC motor would be better for maintianing a high speed.

I will calculate the power draw if you give me time. But i have some tips for you. If you want to get 160mph I would use a very airodynamic car (small frountle surface area, round in front, come to an aprox piont in back). If you can give me the dimintions of the car (and a pic) that would help me calculate the aurodynamic drag.

OK I calculated that just to maintain 160mph with a 2000 lb car that is not very aerodynamic you will need to use 923 KW. And that’s not even with wind resistance, and I have not added in a margin for error.

So if you use a 1000v system you will need to push about 900 Amps. Good luck.

This is only a rough calculation, I can get a better calculation if you send me some more info.