1/10th scale EV power controller

Hi everyone,

I’m currently doing my masters project in Engineering and came here to ask for advice.

We are building a 1/10th scale low emissions vehicle, and the route we have chosen to go is an EV. We are going to be manufacturing and testing it over the next few months.

What we want to do is create a hybrid power supply from Super Capacitors and Batteries, using the Super Capacitors for acceleration, deceleration and some quick charging, with a battery taking the constant current loads once up to speed. We feel this should be the best of both worlds, however we need advice on how to go about controlling the power supply.

Should we go down the path of a system of switches and relays to just separate the drive cycle up into each component and have the relevant components power that part of the cycle, or is there a way to make it more synergistic? Are there any hybrid systems like this?

Thank you very much for your time, hope to hear from anyone who can help.


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The capacitors will only work with their own controller. Or at a minimum, one with a wide input range. As capacitors aren’t batteries. To get reasonable amount of energy from them the controller, one would have to operate efficiently down to 20% or lower.
Regen not so much a problem. Needs to be higher than cap voltage.

Thanks for the replies,

so I’v done a bit of digging, i understand the basic concepts and found several papers which have done simulations of a hybrid system that we want to integrate. Iv attached the pdf of the paper that seems to be very promising.

My usual areas of expertise are as far away from this as is possible, so I have no idea about how I am going to go about making up the DC DC converters and such necessary to make this work. Has anyone got a book/text/online resource that can help me get my head around the basic concepts?

Thanks again for your time.