EV componants and ambiant temps

I am getting ready to build a ev motorcycle. I plan on using it as daily transportation. I live in the desert and summer temps are 110+ deg F.
I know that electronics and batteries don’t like heat. What will be my consequences driving in these temps? Loss of range? component failure?, partial charging?

Also, what are the normal operating temps for these components?


Generally, The batt should working in 25-35 degrees centigrade. The batt will work much efficient in this zone. If batt working in more than 60 degrees, dangerous. If batt work in the 35-60 degrees, the vehicle will sent the signal to low down the batt output power to decline the temperature.

This is same with the lithium batt.

I don’t know about the other type batts.

I am looking to use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The ambient air temp will never be 60 deg C. The most it would be is 45c. I don’t think I would drive the vehicle on those days. But i would like to drive it at 42c.

AGM batts work well in ice vehicles at these temps, but don’t have the same draw that an EV would have.