Hot Weather Storage

There is a good chance that i will be leaving my Gem (2002 e825) in storage for a few of the hottest months in the California desert this summer. Temps will consistently reach triple digits and could go as high as 120F. The car may be in covered storage but will, at the least, be wrapped in a car cover.
What should I do to prepare the Gem for leaving it in very hot weather storage?

You may consider removal of batteries. You can provide electricity to batteries when in storage, however I believe there is a upper temperature limit where charger will not charge. Amount of charge is dependent on ambient temperature. Most chargers will not charge above 100-110 degrees F, this is a safety feature to stop fires.

Ia m totally agree with the OP has suggested already.

I have a vacation house out in palm desert here in California where my gem is. For the past 5 years, mine has been completely fine leaving it for 4 plus months with the main power switch off. If it makes a difference, I have gel batteries. When I come back, it has about a quarter battery left. I hope I was able to help!


I asked this question last spring when I was getting ready to store my Gem in outdoor storage. I ended up doing very little special preparation and everything worked out well.
I turned off the main power switch under the seat and covered the Gem with a cloth car cover. I left it that way for five months and still had a decent charge on the batteries when I brought it out of storage. This year I’ll have indoor storage but still hotter than blazes!