Winter storage for my Lithium converted Gem

Hi, I would like to hear from anyone that knows what the proper Winter storage is for my Lithium battery. I just did the conversion this past Spring and the car is going to be stored in an unheated garage in Maine. Remove the battery, just disconnect it and leave it in the car? I just don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the battery, it was expensive. Thanks to all for your input

It is difficult to offer thoughts or advice when we do not know which battery you installed.

Did you source your battery from a contact found on this forum?

I purchased a Samsung (88v?) package from Michael McCormick through a Facebook page for Gem owners. I think he’s been mentioned on this forum.

Charge battery at least to 75%.
Then turn off all 3 functions in bms.
Should be good for a year.

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That’s more like it. We can comment with more details.
The Samsung pack chemistry does not have issues with cold.

From what I understand, Lifepo4 and some of the others aren’t really damaged by storing in severe cold either, but when you try to USE them in cold temps is when they have issues.

Make sure you understand what Inwo is telling you about turning off all the FETs via the app(not just shutting off the main Switch of the cart). This is key to long term storage of the SDI batteries. (cold or not).

What color is the car?

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^^* lol good one Jar Jar

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Thanks AssyRequired, i understand to go to the app for the bms, but not sure exactly how to turn off the FETs. I’ll check it out when im with the Gem. It seems the app won’t connect unless I’m in close proximity of the car. Thanks again

Yup, it’s low power Bluetooth for a reason. Class 1 is like WiFi and takes lots of power to get the 100m range. Class 2 uses far less with a 10m range(unobstructed line of sight) and then Class 3 is the lowest power with a 1m range(think ear buds).