The Indianapolis Star published an article about Enerdel’s new production plant for lithiums in Indiana. In looking at their web site I find only vague, pie-in-the-sky day-dreaming. Where can I get hard info?

Newbe here.

Have been spending quite a bit of time compiling data for a website we are putting together. Web site is primary LiFePO4 information, but have come across Enerdel in the process. Vague Pie-in-the-sky web sites seem to be quite common for many leading technology battery company likes. Not sure if it is because there really is no hard information to share or if the companies are trying limit cold calls from business with little potential.

Having worked for a startup in the past, my guess it is the lack of hard information…

I read your post about putting some info together for a website about lithium batteries. I have some info that I’ve put together. randomnimity.com Blog | Just another WordPress site