Elio Motors - Saw it in person

I saw someone post something up about the car on here, so I decided to take a bit more of a look at what that company had to offer. (I know this vehicle is gas powered, but still a good concept and idea for a vehicle)

Price tag of $6,800.00 :eek:
-Power windows
-Air Bags
-Seating for 2

84pmg - 1L motor

Ultra High Mileage Car : Elio Motors

I ended up signing up for the news letter from the company about a week ago, and on Thursday last week I went to lunch with my wife. I was driving back and ended up seeing a sign with the logo from the company by a forest preserve and they ended up having a showing of one of their test mule there. (seriously lucky or what?)

I stopped in and saw they had a physical vehicle there to check out. They were even letting people sit in it and everything.

Review time.

The vehicle comes in Auto and Manual, they had the manual version there showing it off. It was Silver, and looked to be of better build quality than the one they are showing off driving around online.

They will be changing a bunch of things around from what they had in the test mule, but it was nice to sit in it and see the way they built it. The front seat was pretty neat it almost felt like you were in a plane cockpit since it was just you the driver and your controls. You had the shifter on the right hand side, and your radio was on the dash on the right hand side as well, then a standard steering wheel with wiper, lighting, and turn controls on stalks on either side of the wheel, then on the left side you had temperature controls for the vehicle (vents were a little higher than the temp controls and the radio) Visibility was great, but it was weird not having a rear view mirror to look straight behind you, although with the 2 side mirrors on the car, you really didn’t need it since you could see easily behind you and to the sides. No real blind spots in reality. After I was done sitting in the front, I hopped into the back to see the kind of legroom that it had, and with the drivers seat in the front pushed back to a normal driving position my knees weren’t even touching the seat in front of me (I’m 5’10" so for a back seat that’s pretty nice!) I was told that the production version of the vehicle would have some foot rests on either side of the seat so you could stretch out your feet a lot more if you wanted to. It was very comfortable, had cup holders, and didn’t feel claustrophobic (don’t know how that will be when actually driving but I was fine in there).

After talking with their reps to see what other versions they would eventually bring to the market, and they hinted at a performance version (probably one with a small turbo to bump up the HP numbers from 70hp to 130hp) and a diesel version (many people have asked about this version) I was looking into it and from the shape of the vehicle, it looks like there should be plenty of room for batteries and an electric motor :wink: (just sayin’)

I’m sure I left a few things out, but all in all, it looks like it will be a fun little car that gets amazing fuel mileage with out even trying. :slight_smile:

The Eilo seems like a really cool concept and I hope they actually get to build it. I wrote an article about Elio Motors not to long ago and Aaron did a good video review on it.

[ame=http://youtu.be/1OPELEY0T6c]Car News Cafe - Elio Motors Review - YouTube[/ame]

They still have not bought the plant in Lousiana to to build it as far as I know. Getting a 5-star crash testing rating seems a bit out of the question if they are using off-the-shelf parts.

That is certainly an eye catching vehicle - what do you think are the chances of it actually reaching production?

They were on GMA the other day so it seems possible. So many great vehicles never make it into production though. Cost, engineering, and marketing all have to align right.

I agree, but something about this company with the cheap but nicely scheduled city visits will help a lot I think.

They are also starting to get a good online footprint as well not to mention it’s priced right for them to get a good foot hold in that price point… It’s cheaper to buy one of these brand new than a motor cycle brand new.

I think building the car at that price point, even with pre-made parts, might be hard.

hi i agree with you making car with old part is hard because it is time consuming and also more expensive then buy a new car

Seems like Elio Motor is becoming less likely that they will actually start production. Thoughts?

Elio Motors may get grant for assembly plant purchase | CarNewsCafe.comCarNewsCafe.com
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I’d still buy one…

You can’t if they don’t build it! :slight_smile:

More Elio financing news that does not seem to make sense.

Elio will get its plant - Judge denies request to block funding from Caddo | CarNewsCafe.comCarNewsCafe.com

it tooks ridiculus! :smiley:

I’m ALL IN at a $1,000 that will get me $1,500! My way of helping out a dream vehicle. 84 MPG is GREAT! $6,800 is SUPER CHEAP! In fact $6,800 is about what a new battery pack would cost in an Electric Car! If you want to drive cheaper than boots cost while walking and have $1,000 you can spare, help change the World. Invest in in the next generation of Eco Vehicle. Gas! This could actually change the world! Be a part of it!:thumb: