Electric Shutter Repair

Quality of life, a concept that gets great significance precisely in the details, which mostly did not pay attention to their existence, but once a small detail is missing, we will feel the difference big time. All of us at the blinds have (yes, yes, one of those little details), we condemn the Israeli sun, warming the house, and provide us with countless hours of sleep on Saturday. You could say that if we do not have shutters in life will seem a little less good, and those of us who have electric shutters when they go bad it can make a big headache. If so, how do we deal with electric shutters repair the most efficient way[U].[/U]

We understand that a door or security roller shutter that is potentially stopping you trading is costing you money an we pride ourselves in doing our best to get you back open and trading as soon as possible. And rest assured with our dedicated work shop facility we can cater for most repairs.