Good Guy

Have a young guy named Jason in our area that is better than outstanding at Paint Less Dent removal. A couple of months ago he took 5 dents out of my hobby car for $125. This is a better than reasonable price and he did it in my driveway. A couple of weeks ago he removed one for my brother in law on his new Chevy. In every case when he was done the area was left flawless,

Our very elderly lady neighbor across the street had a large dent in her quarter panel about 7 inches across. right under the fuel filler. Having done body work all my life I estimated it at 9 to 1100 dollars damage at today’s rates. The guy said he could take it out for 320 dollars. I didn’t believe it possible with the paint less process.

He came this morning and spent about 2 hours on it and made it GO AWAY COMPLETELY.

Evie came to the door to pay him, he said Bless You and Merry Christmas and walked away. There are still a few Christians left in the world.

Truly made my day.


Good to see there are still some good people in the world :slight_smile:

This young man will get his just rewards one day - I am sure of that.

Good to see there are still some good people in the world