New To Forum

Hello all. I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself.

For a little back ground I am a Licensed Electrical Engineer with about 31 years of experience and specialize in DC battery plants, motors, controllers, and lately been designing some large scale Solar PV systems for companies like Walmart, and Baker Oil. I do not own a EV per se, but I have converted some golf carts and utility vehicles from stock to higher performance. So I look forward to maybe being some help in areas I am knowledgeable in, and will have some questions from time-to-time.

Hi everybody Iam new too I know its not my thread, but I didn`t wont to create another one for not important subject like intro new user

So here is something about me:
Kris is my name
I`am 29 years old industrial electrical engineer (but with no big experience in DC :mad: )

and We, me and my father (mechanic) thinking about build EV

good to have two electrical engineers in the arsenal, welcome both of you, even if you hades307 did highjack Sunking’s post, LOL

hopefully you two will balance out some of our amateur ambitions, and we can learn together, both from theory and hands on experience

now go build something!