I am wondering how long the NEV goes without repairs. Quite frankly none of the NEVs have warranties to brag about.

hi Gene… I’m not sure what the warranties on new cars are… guess you need to contact a dealer or the factory… on these cars I haven’t a clue… my '05 GEM has not needed much in repairs… not a lot that can go wrong… I chased a problem that ended being an emergency brake recall but in the mean time replaced all me brake lines… I made a motor change… not a failure an upgrade… burned out a charger… felt it was because I made a wrong battery choice… changed the batteries back to what the factory had in the car new charger has worked well since… I drive my car daily in most weather… I would tell you that of all the NEVs on the market GEM has the best supply chain… from the factory to the dealers and after market parts are easily found… I’m in the Denver area but use a dealer in Fla who gets me parts and has a shoulder to cry on thru e-mail and a toll free number… if I need a part and call him early in the day it’s usually on it’s way within hours… either from his stock or the warehouse in Iowa… GEM car has been around since 1998… a used one is in my opinion is as good as a new one… I saw your post for a 2+2… not sure what you are looking for but look at he GEM cars the e2 and e4… they won’t let you down