Dual motor dragster

Firstoff, id like to say thanks for letting me join this awesome forum, and i hope you guys can help with my questions.:smiley:

Ive had my eye on EV drag cars for quite some time, and after running into a bradley gt electric thought about getting into it myself, but lack of money and time forced me to put it off until revenue allows, BUT what i am thinking of is a hybrid strip car, by using a electric motor combined with my daily driver '87 300zx…think it can be done?

I was able to locate a suitable motor, rated at 25hp 250lbft with the necessary controller, wiring, and instructions but no battery pack (no problem though) my idea is to run this directly off of the front crankshaft pulley of my z’s motor and with a switch mounted on the shift knob use it to assist in 1/4 mile passes or daily driving (i live in a hilly, stop-and-go enviroment so the extra power would be most welcome) I know that these motors and battery packs can be quite heavy but my vehicle has been reduced quite a bit so i doubt it would offset it much, and this electric alternative is much friendlier than nitrous, boost, or a larger displacement gas-hog motor.

my question is that can this be done? i know hondas insight uses a pancake motor sandwiched in between the 3-cyl gas motor and transmission and uses it for startups,regenerative breaking, and extra power (up to 66% more tq, thats pretty d#mn amazing) i had always thought that using a electric motor in unison with a gas one (especially directly connected to the drive shaft) wouldnt work or would destroy the gas motor by upsetting the timing events or by adding undue crankshaft stress/unbalance, but the insights got me thinking in this direction.

i know this forum is mostly about fuel efficency and strictly hybrid/fuel cell/all electric vehicles but my other forum wouldnt help me out on this and i figured id ask the real experts on this question.