DQ remote display

I would open my charger but I doubt other would

I’ll continue with our original idea then.
The single led will be competing with the $20 DQ display on the old ones. Can’t build them for that.
I’m hoping to build the 10 led remote for $50-100.
Seems about the same as MM except needs two boards. Transmit and receive.

Is there a camera system that would work for you?
I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. “Rodney”:slight_smile:

Camera System system sorry I don’t understand

I was thinking after building this, you might find a camera to monitor the charger.
Or a better idea. :smiley:

Lets review this whole thing. Why do you want to monitor the charger? For the last 50 + years people have been charging golf cart batteries without monitoring. Explain to me in this advanced state of excellent reliability we feel the need to monitor something that is probably not going to give us trouble in our remaining lifetime.

If something should go amiss the cart will stop. Is it better to MONITOR and know something is starting to go to hell or be blissfully unaware with no worry’s until it fails?

Or are you a GADGET FREAK?:smiley:

Well, with a Orignal gem car you have a Tri colored LED to let you know where your car is in its charge cycle.
With my Delta Q tucked away you have no Idea what state of charge the charger is in. Perhaps my car and situation is unique and no one else cares, but I want to know when my cars fully charged and ready to go

If you charge overnight you can assume that it’s good to go. If it doesn’t its broke. But you didn’t lose any sleep over it.:slight_smile:

Rodney: LOL

I have a butler. He watches the car at night and is always available to let me know the state of charge. I provide him with a small mirror on the end of an extension rod. This way he doesn’t have to bend over. In California it is against cal OSHA laws to have him bend over for an extended time. His name is Douglas. Oh, wait, that’s my kids name. Well,(after all what do you have kids for)? He is available for shipping to any other state as a certified DeltaQ observer. His mother is free to come watch him. Just send separate shipping and I’ll do the handling. You guys crack me up!

I’m ready to lay out the design.
Two parts. The sensors to read leds and the dash display leds.
After seeing the holes in your dash, I’m thinking discrete led on a wire for each 1 of 10 leds.

Needs power someplace. I’m thinking 12 volts on the charger side.
I can pot the photo sensors and logic into a brick.
Power socket and led sockets sticking out.
Photo sensors mounted flush and spaced to DQ specs.

Tape the brick to charger. Power from 12v. Use as many leds as you want thru holes in dash or a project box.

Any input?

Something like this?

David: I shipped you my delta q and the MM’s that I tested this weekend. It shipped out today FED EX

Thanks, I’ll get the single led indicator checked out on it.

Preliminary pcb design.

Wow that looks pretty complicated. I’m sure Rodney will approve :slight_smile:


Proven opto isolater technology. Dead nuts reliable. Dave is a genius.

It’s really not.
Only a few parts. But X10 makes it look that way.

Well this simple add seems to work. Simply take out the charger and plug in to the port.

After install I used some hot glue to hold the plug in place.

Hot glue

This is what the remote

LED looks like when the charge cycle is complete