Does driving an electric car change your mindset?

Over the last few years governments around the world have been very keen to promote the benefits of electric cars and indeed while sales have been less than expected, demand for electric vehicles is growing. As a consequence more and more people are now into their second year, third-year, etc driving an electric vehicle and a number of motorists are beginning to note significant changes in their attitude, way of driving and indeed their mindset.

It may sound bizarre, it may sound strange but the significant differences between driving an electric vehicle and driving a gasoline vehicle are beginning to pay dividends for many people.

[B]Speeding in your electric car[/B]

If you take a step back and look at the situation from a distance, one of the first things to indicate significant speed in a gasoline vehicle is the roar of the engine. When we say roar, it can be like a caged animal waiting to get out, filling you full of adrenaline and adventure. So, how do you feel driving an electric vehicle?

It may sound surprising, especially when bearing in mind criticism of electric car speeds, but more and more electric car drivers are reporting the fact they are driving faster than they used to with their gasoline vehicle. The main reason for this seems to be the lack of noise when you put your foot to the floor and push the engine to the limit, a rather bizarre but true aspect of driving an electric vehicle. Indeed, a number of motorists fully expect to receive their first “speeding ticket” in the short term due to this impact!

[B]Feeling more relaxed[/B]

The fact is that there are a number of reasons why drivers are now looking towards electric vehicles as opposed to their gasoline counterparts. One of the main reasons is the impact that gasoline cars have on the environment especially when compared to electric vehicles which are much more efficient. It does seem to leave many drivers with a feeling of comfort and warmth that they are in fact doing their bit for the environment even if their initial reasoning may well have been associated with cost savings.

This feeling of being more relaxed also seems to emanate from a significant saving not only in fuel costs for your new vehicle but also running costs. The fact that gasoline vehicles have a large number of moving parts means they are more susceptible to repair and while it would be wrong to suggest there are no running costs associated with electric cars, they do seem to pale into insignificance, compared to their gasoline counterparts.

[B]Using new technology[/B]

At this moment in time, despite the fact that electric cars have been around for well in excess of 100 years, the technology we see today is underdeveloped. There is no doubt there are significant improvements to come in short, medium and longer term and indeed while many people still continue to criticise electric cars, they do seem to be here to stay.