Do you feel safer in an EV than a gasoline vehicle?

There has been much talk of the difference between gasoline and EVs but how safe do you feel in an EV? More or less safer than you did in a gasoline vehicle?



Not more but certainly not less either. The safety ratings for my vehicle are top notch, but the danger of low skilled drivers driving tank sized SUV’s and pickups at ridiculous speeds remains the same!

Hi Sugarmaker

As electric vehicles become more and more popular the subject of safety will be covered in more detail. There is an issue with how emergency services will handle accidents involving electric vehicles although on the whole I can’t see why there would be any major problems?


The problem with first responders & EV’s is the risk of electrocution and/or leaking power cells. Many times when I worked for the local PD for towing wrecks, etc. I would see the fire department indiscriminately cutting open crushed cars with the “jaws of life”. Should an untrained person cut through the power cables I imagine it wouldn’t be a great outcome.

Hi LuvMyTJ

I suppose when you look at the situation from a distance, there are safety aspects to take into consideration for gasoline vehicles and different aspects for electric vehicles. Like so much of the hype surrounding the electric vehicle sector the long-term safety of the industry will be determined by the education of motorists about this new technology.