Do I need to come to a full stop?

I have a newly acquired 2002 e825.and several questions have come to mind.

  1. Do I need to come to a full stop when switching between Turf mode and Road mode?

  2. Is there an easy way to disable the reverse alert?

  3. What is the proper wheel offset for my GEM? Is there any such thing as a standard GEM/Golf Cart wheel offset? I thinking of 12" wheels if that matters.


No need to stop. GEM wheels have zero offset. Deep dish golf cart wheels used on a GEM cause DANGEROUS handling problems.

Beneath the dash on the right side, there is a buzzer for reverse. Just unplug one wire from it.


The buzzer also indicates that you havent set the brake and that you have left the turn signal on too long. It’s a safety feature that should be left operational.


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