Direction Switch replaced: Now get 06 Error Code

Hi All. I have a 2011 E4. Recently the Direction switch would not change to Reverse when it was selected (worn out I guess), so I purchased a new one and swapped it out. However now the switch will go into reverse (and the vehicle will move) just fine, but when selecting low or high (forward), the “Low/high” indicator on the instrument panel just flashes, and if I press the accelerator, I get the 06 error message.
Where did I go wrong? Any suggestions for troubleshooting?
Many thanks

Not sure @Inwo can have some great input, but 06 is an accelerator pedal error. Check to make sure nothing is hanging it up and that it has full travel.

It’s a complex switch. on-on-on . Or even 1 on-1+2 on-3 on.
Wrong switch or mis-wired.

When I changed out my switches out and relocated them I changed my direction switch to a dpdt. I can’t remember if it was on-on-on or on-off-on. I Used this style so when I put the cart in reverse the second side of the switch would trigger the reverse camera to come on. First time wiring it up I got the same error. I discovered that you have to put the wires from the car on the isolated circuit side of the switch. If they were on the non isolated side of the switch I would get that error. For example Pins 4-5-6 in the pic below is the isolated circuit. This may or may not help but I thought I would share

I always take a picture of the existing wiring configuration before I unsolder/cut/etc wires to work on something unless it’s something like a headlight, horn etc with a red and a black wire.

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Thanks for the feedback. I believe the switch is correct one…oem product, and…when I put the old one back in, same error. Soo probably mis-wired.ill try reworn first, and go from there.

Ok…went back to my photo of the wire before I pulled it out…realized I was looking at it upside down ( my phone was upside down taking the pic), switched the wires, and all good again.
Many thanks to the folk who sent me advice. Much appreciated…Kim
It’s the small points that sometimes make the difference…so don’t hesitate to give seemingly small pointers…

A cellphone camera has made a big difference in restoration. My dad did 4 antique cars in the 60’s to 80’s and spent tons of time trying to fit back together based on notes and sketches.