Direct drive on fiero

This is my first conversion and I was thinking of using 2 motors and mounting them directly to the cv shafts. Does anyone know if there are motors out there that are good for this high torque low rpm operation or is it best to take out the automatic and put in a manual. 87 Fiero

My first conversion was a small pickup with fixed ratio drive. It ran ok but ran out of steam at 25 - 30 mph. Next I converted a 924 Porsche and kept the original 5 speed. The difference is amazing. In 2nd it runs out of power at abt 25 so I shift to 3rd (no clutch) hit the not-gas pedal and get a healthy surge. It sags again at 35 - 40 so I go to 4th same thing then to 5th. I have had it to 60 but the motor gets hot in just a few seconds. I said that the motor runs out of power but that may not be quite accurate. As the car accelerates the amp draw falls - from 400 down to abt 90 which is not enough to accelerate the car any more. My motor (a 6.7 " D&D) just will not go above 3500 rpm. When I upshift and pull the revs back down to 1500 - 2000 rpm it pulls hard. I’ve been told that this is the result of counter emf but I don’t know. What I do know is that any future conversions I do will have a gearshift.

How do you shift if there is no clutch?

My dad can drive a manual without a clutch. You just have to switch gears at the right time so they mesh. I prefer using the clutch myself.

As for counter EMF (electro magnetic force), it is the force generated as you spin a magnet. As you spin a magnet the magnet will resist motion. The faster the magnet rotates the more counter force.

Thanks for the reply to my post. Do you think it is out of the question to leave the automatic in and run it without the torque converter? Also in the fiero when you take the transaxle out there is no diff at all so it is direct to the wheel. In forth gear it has a 1 to 1 ratio and that is the same as direct drive so would be be to much load off the line with the direct drive.

I don’t know how exactly the automatic works so I don’t know If you can use it or not.

Direct drive should not be a problem (It should work at least). however you would probably get better performance if you started in second (that is if you leave the transmission in).

Hope this helps

You shift just as you would with a clutch except a little slower. With the low rotating mass of an electric motor, the synchro rings are able to match the gear speeds without any problem. Don’t bash it from gear to gear; give it just a second and it will be fine.

ML, I have an 86 Fiero with the drive mounted directly to the manual trans. Driven by a 9" Advanced DC motor. Check out my photo: Todd’s Electric Fiero The car is for sale. . . maybe you would like to buy the components???