Different idea for AC for EV's

I’ve read that many EV’s dont have AC becuase of power and coolant concerns.

I may have a solution different than just rolling down your windows and hoping for a cool breeze to chill your EV ride.

Ever heard of a stirling engine? It’s is an external temperature differentian engine. Goto howstuffworks.com and look it up.

Assuming that you have looked up what a SE (Stiring Engine) is, if you would build a small SE and get a small motor to turn the shaft of the SE, one side of the SE would get hot, and the other, very cold. You could use another small fan to blow that cold side and vent it to the AV vents.

I’ve read that a SE-AC can provide the same cooling capacity as a regular AC at only 9-watts. I forget where I read that power quote, but I know I remember that part.


So no one is interested in this? Low powered Air Conditioning that doesnt use special coolant??

Sure - I’m interested…

There are a couple of avenues that I’m looking into;

  1. Evaporative Cooling (Check it out on Wikipedia) - This was used many years ago and actually pretty effectively. With today’s technology, it can be made even more effective.

  2. Ammonia cooling - Check out how an RV Refrigerator works… It works off of heat. It heats a chamber with liquid ammonia which turns it into a gas, the gas passes through an orifice into the coils and then turns back into a liquid again as it transitions in temperature. More information also available on Wikipedia… Using the heat generated from the electric motor(s) may work as at least a partial heat source for this…

It might not be as big a problem as you think, with the windows down I get a nice cool breeze even on the hottest days. The only time I miss the AC is when I am sitting at a red light. Concentrate on your build you might find as I did it is a secondary problem.

Though it’s true I’d rather roll my windows down instead of using my AC in my gasoline fueled truck. Sometimes I use the AC just to make sure it still works. But come on, 9-WATTS to run a stirling-cycle based air conditioner?


That looks really interesting

I’m working on my dad’s EV right now, but I am looking to building my own. This will be awesome, if it will run with only 9 watts.

Thanks for the heads up