Diff rebuild

just bought a used 2005 10.xx diff . am thinking about going thru it before install to make it as quiet as possible . how hard is it ? what should I change ?

Compare it with other cars. GEM gearboxes are not quiet. How many miles are on the car?

If you want as quiet as possible you have to change out the input shaft AND the intermediate gear assembly.

Parts lists and Guide are in the DIY sub forums

You have 12.44 ratio in 2005 last 10.35 was 2004 until 2013 or 14

got it on ebay so not going to trust on sellers opinion. check model # it’s a 10.xx .

how hard is disassembly ? is there a manual or video on it ?

how long doe it take .

I have a write up on it. If you decide to do it check DIY

2 to 4 hours bench time depending if axles are stuck or not

Check your email.:cool:

Manual PDF too large to post here.

Check DIY sub forums

Nice writeup Rodney.

Do you have part numbers for the input shaft bearings and o-rings for the later model gear box?