Diff oil and how much

Can anyone tell me how many ounces of Diff oil is needed in a 2001 Gem E4. I’ve heard anywheres from 10 oz. To 18oz… any real spec for how much? Thanks

Approximately 152 drams…

On level ground, fill to the bottom of the plug hole in the differential cover. It’s between 9 to 10 oz.

OEM spec is for 30w this was done to reduce resistance (it’s a splash lube gearbox) so they could squeeze more range out of the battery back in the dark ages of EVs.

Most of us run 80-90 gear oil to quiet it down.

In both instances, just plain old oil is fine. No need for synthetic. These are not high speed, high pressure, or hot.

Thank u for replying . I do go 40 mph so is 80 -90 oil still ok?

80-90 should be fine imo.