Did you know there are thousands of electric car clubs around the world?

Even just the quickest of searches on Google will show that there are literally thousands upon thousands of electric car clubs around the world. This may surprise many people because electric vehicles have not taken off as quickly as many had hoped. However, there is no doubt that the electric car enthusiasts are there, they are vocal and they are looking to promote electric vehicles as much as they can.

There is often a stigma attached to electric vehicles, many were still do not understand how they work although having access to electric car clubs should allow you to ask experienced electric car enthusiasts about your concerns. Do you have a local electric car club? We welcome the promotion of electric vehicles on this forum and would like to hear from you.

I’ve found quite a few online, but always looking for more - especially in the Northeast US / New England. Anyone care to post a couple of favorites?

yeah, good question

there is the Electric Auto Association… they recognize NEV/LSV members… Electric Auto Association

also Plug in America… they don’t have a listing for NEV/LSV… they sponsor the National Drive Electric Week in September
Plug In America | We Drive Electric. You Can Too.


Wow…great!!!lots of info,i wasnt aware about those.!!!

I’m an honorary member of a local club… the golf cart mafia… a group of unlicensed rebels…

Yes I also heard about it, my brother deals with it! Thanks for info I will tell him about it