Diagnosis of problem

Three days ago…running with all bars lite. Slowed down and all bars go immediately to the red and into turtle mode…error code 15…low charge. Recharge and all fine until….
Today…after a mile. Immediate stop of electricity and immediate no power. Beeping sound…error code 88 very lightly in display….could barely see it .
Seems more electrical than drive.

an update…li let it sit for an hour or so and problem went away. I guess overheating was the cause. Now the question is why overheating

Well…when I couldn’t find error code 88 in any gem publication. The error code I found was for a treadmill…ooops. But seems to hold true

It would be helpful if you provide some details about your car.
any mods?

When was the last time you did a full battery check-up?
How old are they? Properly watered? Balanced?
Are all your connections shiny, clean and tight?

That is usually what causes power glitches like the one you describe.

For example- This is NOT a pic of a clean battery connection.

Here is another example of why you should at least lift your seat for a look around every now and then.


You should always lift the seat .

Thanks…waiting for a full recharge then will tackle the batteries and all connections first. Excellent post…thank you

Gem is a stock 2005 with 26k miles. Current engine replaced 3 years ago. Controller rebuilt 3 years ago. Batteries arm new 4 years ago. Shocks last year… all else stock.