Deka/Napa Battery Questions

I am replacing the batteries in my e4. I have been looking at the Napa 8272 and the Deka batteries. These appear to be the same battery. The Deka has a 8G31-Deka that is labeled as a solar battery. They look the same except for what appears to be extra terminals on the Napa 8272. I was going to go with the one I could get cheapest. Any thoughts?

Yes the Deka Gell comes in many forms and with different labels Johnson Controls makes the battery for a bunch of different people Deka is only one of them.

I believe all Deka batteries are made by East Penn Manufacturing at their plant in Pennsylvania. NAPA batteries are often but not always East Penn, so best to have one of the sales reps look it up on the in-store computer and verify as their system has some extra information pages that aren’t shown on the website.

The NAPA 8272 appears to be a 8G31DTM, which is a different battery than the 8G31. It’s a marine battery and is a bit more “powerful” - higher amperage and is fitted with dual terminals. Between the two, if it were me, I’d get the NAPA 8272 / 8G31DTM over the “solar” 8G31.

Johnson Controls owns Interstate Batteries, Optima and also makes some other house brands. They used to be good. Ever since they moved manufacturing to Mexico and started using crappy lead to save costs, their batteries just aren’t what they used to be.

Sorry your right I said Johnson Controls your correct it’s EP.

If you buy from Napa, ask if they will give you a bulk purchase discount, when I was comparing prices they told me they’d take off $20 a battery for buying 9 (I have 9 8v batteries). I ended up getting mine from Sam’s club because they were cheaper and had a better warranty. The Duracell batteries Sam’s sells are made by deka so they should be the same or similar as napa batteries.

what is the best deal you have found so far ?

Sam’s club seems to be the best place but depends on what battery you are looking for, Sam’s has a limited selection for some size/ types of batteries. Napa is usually my second choice.

Thanks for the info.

One other question kind of off topic. I am going to replace all 6 batteries. However, I was going to check each one and keep one or two to use on a small skiff for a yet to be purchased trolling motor. Any issues anyone can think of using an old gel GEM car battery for a 12v trolling motor?

it should work very well with a tm