Dead cart 2005 t4

All functions blink in display, I’ve heard of this but never had it happen to ,me. Is this a trip to FSIP?


Maybe not. It lost communication from P23 controller to psdm.
Check that female pin is not stretched out.
@AssyRequired Same symptom if it’s psdm to cluster connection?

Display has lost Serial data link from the controller.

It could be just the connection on the 23p, or the logic board on the controller not booting up, or worse - died.

What is background on this car?
New cart?
Was it working? then not?
(KeyON) → Is there B+ getting to P1 and P2?
Easy first check (without unplugging) at the white wire on the MC. (they are all fed from the same source coming from the key relay(inside the PSDM).
If no - Check Fuse13.

I have had a car actually drive with this condition, so Display/comm is not needed to run. If there is a controller error holding car, you just cant tell what it is.
or- Controller is not booting.

Thanks 2005 out of nowhere

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Spoof became disconnected on one end.

Is this one with the extra 12v battery, or the new 80v sdi battery from Michael?

Sweet! I’m glad that your fix was this easy.

Michael’s package incredible.

And easy install as well. Not counting spoof issue.
Spread the word. All lithium batteries are NOT the same.
As evidenced by calls for help on here.
Latest being eight 30ah batteries being connected in parallel.
Even at $500 each it would be $4k. And impossible to trouble shoot.

That’s what she said…

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Would you like a picture?

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