Dead 2017 GEM L17G4 Agala

Parked my Gem as normal, came out and totally dead. No lights horn display etc. Batteries strong and charged. Only strange thing was parked outside night before and it rained lightly but ran fine. I have checked master disconnect and fuse box under hood. Black Relays appear fine and fuses appear fine. I have read about a master fuse maybe under vehicle and others on passenger side behind dash. Suggestions to check? I am mechanical to a degree but no experience. Anything I can do other than to take it to dealer?

Aux battery under dash dead?

Thanks. No mention of aux battery in owners manual. But dead as a doornail. I bought new and will put it in. Bet that’s it.

Mike Smith.




Two ways Polaris uses to get starting power. Look for a big red wire in battery compartment.
It will be connected to battery #1 or be disconnected on one or both ends.
If not connected, there will be a small 12v battery under dash which is only used to power the key switch.