2017 GEM E4 with a slow crawl.

First timer here. Any help will be appreciated. I have a 2017 GEM E4 that shows a full battery on the dash and no codes flashing. The cart has no power. It moves forward and reverse but very slow crawl. It’s been fine up until yesterday. Thanks in advance.

Any fault codes?..

Take the hood off. The motor has 2 plugs coming out of it and into the car. Sounds like 1 of the plugs may not be making contact. Check the connections and report back

No fault codes were retrieved.

Are these the 4 pin and 2 pin connectors? If so, I disconnected them and made sure pins look good. Connections are nice and tight,

try to press the button and look for code

here is more about loose power

The mode button on the dash?

Yes. One is a round 2 pin and the other is a flat 4 pin. If thoes 2 connections are good, then, have you tested your voltage at the controller.

I was thinking perhaps your Battey Gauge on the dash could be wrong and you have a flat battery. Could you check your voltage and report back.

Plug your car in and see what the display on your Delta Q is doing and report back. The Charger should fire up and you should see the lights on the Charger tell you what state the Charger is in. Example is it in trickle mode or is it Aggressively charging your batteries

Thank you to all that responded. Just got back from vacation. Went to inspect the batteries and found one of them with a big bulge. It’s really going to hurt, but I got to replace all of them.