Gem recall 2016-2017

some problem with forward,reverse switch

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I wonder if its a polarity issue in energy flow or a sensor issue?

Have any members experienced such issues? I have not seen anything so far.

Factory recall is to replace the directional switch at no charge.

Here some more

this is from innovation motorsport facebook 10sep 2016

WARNING for 2016 GEM car owners!!
Polaris is having problems with their new body style 2016 model GEMs
() Where the cars will suddenly change direction and go into reverse for no apparent reason.
() They also shut down and loose all power randomly.
() And they are having charging issues too.
Polaris Claims they have a (download) to correct this
but it’s up to the customer to bring it in to the ORIGINAL SELLING DEALER…?
For those of you who purchased the latest Polaris GEM cars…
Make sure you get the latest download.
Very dangerous otherwise.

wonder if Polaris kept the dies for the Classic GEM cars… they’d be looking pretty good right about now


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Most of us support that opinion. UGLY!

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I’m pretty sure they refer to the original Gem as “the classic” I thought that you could buy a brand new 2016 Classic. But I don’t know how long they will continue. I agree not that great looking

I’m sure there are dealers who are sitting on the Classic GEMs… there is a dealer… Electric Cart Company in Santa Rosa Beach FL that has a few that they snagged from another dealer… that I know about… probably others… my GEM is wintering at Innovation Motorsports in Mesa AZ… getting a makeover plus any other things that they find as they take the car down to the frame… the found a wore from the controller that had shorted… assume that was what was killing all the electric accessories… far be it from me to have the complete dash removed…

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