CV Axle bearing

I have a 2000 GEM and am looking for a cv bearing (inside) and can only find this being sold with an entire half-shaft. Anyone know a good used parts dealer? $250+ seems like a lot of money when all I need is a bearing :confused:

I am confused on what exactly you are looking for.
The bearing installed in the steering hub? (the stub axle goes through?)
Or one of the balls that go in the CV?
One CV instead of the whole assy?

Hope this pic comes through. The bearing that fist over the CV axle on the drive side of the half shaft

Oh- you broke a spider/inner race! Wow!
Normally it is the cage that cracks and it starts to bind up. It could have picked up a bit of contamination that got wedged in there.
Or maybe you were in a turn and hammered the throttle?

You need to look for an entire CV. I don’t think you can order just the new spider.

I might have a lead on some drive parts. Long shot. Checking…

Is this inboard or outboard cv?

Sometimes you can get away with just replacing the broken part, but it depends on how worn the parts are. Have you rebuilt CV’s before? There is a right way and a wrong way.
It might be better to get the whole CV.
Still working my lead, or maybe someone else will jump in?

Thanks for your effort. I found a reasonable deal on an entire half shaft. Parts are getting hard to get. :frowning: