Crap, Someone beat me there

Novel idea, plus with some refinements there would be no need for “interaction” from the driver. The system could be totally automated.

I just need to contact this fellow now so that I can build it into my project without stepping on his toes.

Basically, this is called a transformer… and the EV-1 used a paddle charger ( basically a coil of wire in the paddle ) This was used because by changing the coils of wire in the car, one paddle could charge cars of different voltages

Well, I kind of understood the transformer concept. It was just the setup that I was concerned with. The no-muss-no-fuss and lack of paddle charger. Sadly California adopted the paddle charger before this paper was submitted. The main goal would be a charging system where there is no cable, no plug, and the driver is happy with the car “magically” charging.

Keep in mind this is for the mass-market consumer and not those who are technically adept.

Similar to the charging system used on electric toothbrushes?