Covert to 8V gell battery

I have a 210 Gem 2 seater. I would like to convert from 6 12 v gell to 9 8v gell any help would be helpful. Do you need to change the algorithm on the D Q charger. where do you find extra space for batteries . Any idea what the range would increase to. Any and all ides would be appreciated,

Suggest you consider 6 Trojan T1275 batteries. These are 150 AH units. 50+% more capacity Than Gell’s (95 AH) . These will give you 25+ mile range and IMHO are the toughest, most forgiving battery available.

appreciate your input let me give you sum more info I am in Florida for 5 months , where the gem is kept all year I thought the the gells would require less attention from my neighbor. Also any idea what the range would be for the 9 8 volt Gells or would 9 8 volt trogns give more range

Voltage and number of cells is the same.
Charger profile will follow battery type not arrangement of cells.
Miles will follow AH ratings less diminishing returns for weight.
If you go from 100ah to 150ah. In theory 10 mile range would go to 15 miles.
In practice expect 1/2 that increase. IMHO
Rodney would know more. He’s been there done that.

Read the latest Lithium thread. See how easy a first time conversion to 20s Nissan Leaf pack was.

LEAD is dead. Why mess with toxic heavy LEAD that only lasts a few years when you can go with Lithium.

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