Converting my 2002 4 seater to Lithium Batteries

I am interested in converting my 2002 Gem over to Lithium, I have read and read and this all seem doable but a little over my head. I was hoping I could contact you since you seem to know the most about all this. Can you help? what will my cost be, do you still have batteries and a kit to help me?

My Gem, I have done some upgrades: I have upgraded to a 7.5 Motor, 10:1 gears and reprogramed the controller, I have limited my Gem to 40 miles an hour, but I am only getting 10 to 15 miles per charge, which is fine because there are not that many places around town that is under the 35 mile limit. I would like more range and longer life on my batteries.

After reading all these forums I am wondering if a 2002 can be converted, I see some people have had to purchase different controllers and chargers.

Please let me know if you have ideas to make this simple, I am in the need of new batteries and would like to make this conversion,

Thanks for your advice.

Tyson Davis
Dayton, Ohio

I use what I have. The volt, spark, and bolt work well.
For high mileage, @grantwest has a 12kwh Bolt pack ready to drop in the front on a 2002. Polaris calls it a 90 mile pack, but I would expect 1/2 in a hotrod. Ask Grant about his mileage. It’s the only Bolt battery in the USA as far as I know.

I have LiFePo4 batteries here. They have a lot of advantages. Safe chem, no bms needed in most cases. Discrete cells. One can be replaced if it goes bad. $50 each 3.2v/60ah/200wh
24-28 make a 72v battery. 24x3.2v=77v=stock voltage 4.8kwh 12-24 mile range
Double pack to double range. Recommended!
New DQ lithium charger=$350
12v 120ah modules weigh 40lb x 6 needed. Running about $50 each to ship UPS X 6.
If you have an account maybe much less. I can put them on a pallet or use U-ship.30s%20module

Picture is 32v packs.

Thanks so much for the Reply,

If I were to purchase 48PCS would they fit in my Battery boxes or would have have to retro fit them in?

I am interested to hear about the bolt in pack, what would be the cost on those?

Any reprogramming I would have to do to my controller?

Thanks again.

Grant said he can’t reply. I will make public say you can get more ideas.

Each 12v 120ah battery is 20" long. 4.5" wide. 9" high.
Need 6 of them.
Like the picture but only 20" long. 8 cells.

wasn’t sure if @grantwest and @LithiumGods were able to reply, I am still very interested in changing the batteries, as my old batteries have about run their course. Thanks so much you guys for the info.

Tyson ,

i haven’t done an early model conversion so no help there . But i think Dave’s cells are the best deal going . ordering a set for myself .

Waiting for more info from @stretchkart. The only Gem using the lfp. He has a single set of 25.

I used Leaf cells in my 2003 GEM. About $100 ea times 11, they all fit up front. Sent the Zivan charger in for recalibration. I haven’t needed a BMS so far. Charges to 94 volts.

I realize I will have to change my charger. But do I have to change my controller.

I am trying to think off the top of my head. When I change the charger do I have to change any connections that connect to the controller? Been a while since I have looked under the hood.

When you run the batteries upfront like that do you have to add weight to counter the weight of the old batteries that are taken out


Yes for some reason I was in able to reply. But it’s all good now. I have a Chevy Bolt pack that I had built for a project that went away so I have now decided to sell it. It’s 160 Amp hrs. It’s a 20 cell pack that’s ready to drop in. It’s all wired for a Chargey BMS 24. So to run a BMS it’s totally plug & play. You would have to have your factory Charger updated with a Lithium profile (Dave can help you with that) OR buy a Chargery battery charger from Dave for $300, personally I love my Chargery battery charger I can highly recommend one.

The Bolt kit would literally be drop in and you would secure the pack then connect Pos+ and Neg- to the battery
And plug in the the BMS and your car would be converted. It’s as plug and play as I have ever seen. I have hundreds of miles on this exact kit or set up in 2 different gems and I can’t say enough about them.

As the Bolt is 3 times the capacity, and priced accordingly, do you have any range estimate?
I only put 50 miles on the one I had, so never had a chance to check it.
The miles I need run, would have only needed charging once a year. :slight_smile:I know that a 12kwh pack from Polaris is $12k and they say 90 miles in an E2.

what is the difference between the Chevy bolt and the one Dave is selling?

How much for the chevy bolt drop in?

The bolt is similar chem to to Leaf and Volt. It is a complete factory module.
12kwh 160ah.
A single 24s lfp from me is 60ah 4.8kwh. $1200 for 24 cells.
Double pack is, well…, double!

I do have 5pcs 5s modules that I am saving for a Gem. 25s total. $1k
A little over voltage @ 80v nominal. 90v max. 75v minimum.
These are flat with most power at 3.1 to 3.3v/cell.
Stay in the, freshly charged high performance, band top to bottom.
Lfp (lifepo4) are a little heavier than lipo. >2k charge cycles

BlockquoteYou do not need to change your controller, I didn’t add any weight to the rear or under the seat. You don’t need a new charger, you can have yours reprogrammed.

How much for the bolt in pack? And how far will I be able to go?

Pm’ed Grant’s phone number for Bolt info.
Invited you to @stretchkart lfp 60ah range estimate.
The Bolt is 160ah.