Constant Beeping after getting wet

I just purchased a 2008 E2. It originally started this constant b-e-e-p, after washing under the hood. After blowing everything underneath the hood off, it stopped after about a week, of riding and riding…
Now I forgot to fold the cover back out over the boxes in the front center under the hood and when it rained, the constant b-e-e-p started back. What can I do to get it to stop the b-e-e-p and can’t you wash under the hood without causing this problem? Thanks

Sounds like the combined fuse-box and electronic signal conditioning board has gotten wet. I suggest you open the battery disconnect switch and remove this component for further inspection. I would think either this or the motor controller has managed to get wet and is getting crossed signals due to the conductive properties of the dirt and water.

I have to ask: Why did you ever feel it was necessary to wash under the front hood? Was it just the wheel-arches you washed or did you feel it was necessary to douse the whole front of the car with its delicate electronics? I certainly wouldn’t have done that and I’ll bet the manufacturer says not to get this area wet either.

Best case - you’ll be able to dry out the electronics and be good as new. Worst case - you’ll be spending a lot of money for a new board and fuse panel or motor controller.

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I would be interested to hear how you get on with the issue and the the assistance which Bob kindly posted above.