Computer to Monitor High Voltage System

Electric Blue Motors now has a Dashboard Computer called our “Blue Window” that will display the Battery Voltage, Current, Motor speed (Tachometer), and most importantly the battery State of Charge. Our computer outputs all of this through a standard RCA video output so you can view this on a DVD monitor or another external monitor. Our computer is also programmable so for those of you who want to customize the display or implement other aux. inputs you can do so. We ship our computers with the correct algorithm for your battery pack so that it will track the correct charge percentage throughout the cycle.

All information can be viewed on our website, if you have any questions please feel free to post here and I will return with a reply. We really appreciate your feedback, because of it we will now create a new model of our Blue Window to accommodate for higher voltage battery pack. Our standard model has a max voltage rating of 225V DC, our new model will have a max voltage rating somewhere around 350V DC ( I will work on implementing this next week).

We are working on a new software revision to input a speed sensor so that you can display your velocity and an odometer reading. You can purchase our Blue Window dashboard computer and programming kit on our website ( We also have a wiki page in construction (

Again thank you for your feedback and questions!
~Electric Blue Motors

I’ve updated my earlier post to include the manual and datasheet for our “Blue Window”, dashboard computer. There are in .pdf format.

Electric Blue Motors