An Idea For Battery Monitor

I’ve done some searches, and haven’t found anything about this, so I raise a question. Combining the E-meter/Palm Pilot concept, I would suggest the design for a battery Monitor. (I have a case of 24 digital volt meters - was just thinking of a more “elegant” readable display.) While I’m not allergic to a soldering iron, I’m not an Electronics Engineer, so the final product needs to be usable by the majority of us EV builders.

To monitor the relative strengths of all the batteries in a traction pack:
24 analog-digital converters, along with necessary opto-isolators to send battery voltage to the screen;
connection to a Palm Pilot or in car computer/laptop via the serial port;
power the Palm from the on-board 12v vehicle battery;
Palm software to show in real time a 24 vertical bar graph indicating the voltage/strength of each battery in the pack.

It would require enough flexibility that any user could adjust the final setup to reflect the battery voltage and battery count, i.e. 12 batteries at 12 volt, 24 batteries at 6 volt, or any combination and voltage

This could also be done using a laptop, but might initially be overkill, except ultimately I would like to play with PC monitoring, recording, analyzing software.
This idea has grown from an early plan to install 2 dozen digital volt meters to monitor the relative strength of all 24 batteries in real time and in a manner that would not seriously detract from paying attention to the road ahead.
The initial concept (at least in my mind) is rather simple, but I could see it getting extremely involved and complex.

If this is already available, where can it be purchased?
If easily adaptable components are available, where can they be obtained and connected?
If it can be designed, can we pool the collective thoughts and get it done?