Best 72v Battery % Display for 99-04 Gems?

Hi All,

Does anyone recommend a battery display that I can DIY into the dash of my gem’s?

I installed a 72v display which correctly displays voltage but does not accurately show battery %. All of my gems are 72v, lead battery set-ups.

Please let me know if there’s any preferred product!

Thank you!

There is no such display.

what year gem? what is wrong with the factory gauge?

I have a 2001, 2002 x2, and a 2003.

Factory gauge hasn’t been the most accurate and would like to incorporate a digital display like the following:

I had to ask and see if there were any preferred displays first!

None I have heard of.

Battery voltage is pretty good but only after it’s settled a bit.

Here is a good estimate and just multiply the voltage by 6 to get your total battery pack voltage.
And maybe measure each battery every 4 months to be sure they are all staying balanced(close to each other in voltage).

You don’t want to go below 12.0V( 72.0V ttl ) after it has rested for a few minutes. If while driving you see it go under 72.0V it would be ok but that should also be an indication you’re very low on charge and likely should only be a mile or so from home/charging.

Voltmeter Chart -Right Mouse button to save it to your RV's laptop

I have used this one before, it fact I have one in my current 2016.
It works, I have not measured the accuracy but it does have some nice features like being able to set the high and low battery values (like 99v and 75v) so the percentage left before empty is accurate.