Classic Gem programming T1-T4

Did you get the T1 kit working with Sentry software? If not send it back for me to test. I will send a fresh tested one. Yours should be under warranty after, what, 5 years. :slight_smile:
After your call I did some refreshing here. Mine wouldn’t work, then my T4 wouldn’t work.
Read ok but no data. Went back, read the instructions, uninstalled, installed from disk, and forgot to set access to level 3.
All good now!

In the process, I needed to build a few more kits to test, that are available.
Combination T1-T5.

T1 USB kits are not available from FSIP. IIRC
Actually, unless they just went into production T4 USB are not either.

A couple original T5 versions in stock on cd.

My original serial kit no longer works because drivers are outdated. :frowning: