Chinese BMS devices -

Anyone had any experience (good or bad) with Chinese BMS off ebay? efire-clrd


Just got done installing one in my 2-seater, they seem to work well (so far) - Running 300A version with a 28s Spark battery at 99V.

Thanks Mike. I am trying to figure out all the terminology used with these boards - ratings etc. Working on lithium upgrade for my 2 seater. Don’t find much documentation on the web - YET!!

We just used one of these for a two seater, fits perfect when you slide it in from the back on it’s side.
If you use a Delta-Q charger with the #177 profile it will charge to 99V with 60Ah (battery can take 102v) so it is perfect. Not over charging the cells and plenty of volts to use. I have not done a real world test yet but I am guessing a 20 - 30 mile GEM and crazy power and speed. You could double them up and get like 50 miles.

I think there is only one left, we have bought five of them.