Chevy volt battery hold downs

I need a set of Chevy volt battery hold down brackets. The ones that bolt down and kinda look like L brackets. I somehow missed placed my set . Please let me know if you have any. Thanks

The side clamps? Never heard of them being used.
Should have some around but not to excited about digging them out .maybe if i was sending something else.
@Erniea15 might be a little more agreeable.

Having trouble envisioning what the side clamps are? Is this something on a Gen2 vs Gen1 pack? I’ve only ripped apart Gen1s.

I don’t mind paying you for them. But maybe there is something else I need.

It’s the brackets that are only on one side of the battery so that it holds it down from moving. I believe there was like 50 ten millimeters head nuts holding them down.

I use an angle alum across the ends. Run the m6 oem rods through the angle. Then bolt bottom of angle to floor pan.

(I think what Roger is referring to is how the battery gets held down in the original Chevy Volt?)

These long brackets

To hold them in the original floor pan?

Only picture i could find of drilled angle

Correct how the battery gets held down in the original metal bottom battery tray. Thanks

I tossed those when I pulled my last one apart. I might be ripping another apart down the road but it could be a while.

Thanks. I will keep trying to find some . But if you don’t mind messaging me when you do . Thanks Rodger

I have a gen2 pack that came DOA on arrival. Total pack voltage was 148 so 1.5v per cell. Fighting with the junk yard to replace it or take it back. If I can get that resolved, I’ll break it apart and hang onto the bracket for you. Could be a while… probably involving small claims court.

Thanks and best of luck with that . Regards Rodger

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