Charging Stations Question

I have one of the new smart electric coupes. So far I have only charged it with the charger that came with it, which plugs into a regular household 110 volt receptacle. The car was delivered to my house, and I know the driver stopped to recharge it at a library which had a charging station. I have been querying Nissan dealers in my area, and they all say that their charging stations are public. So my question is: is there a universal standard for the car/charger interface, and will any standard charging station work with my car? The smart will handle 220 as well as 110 charging. I assume the answer is yes, in fact I know it borders on a dumb question, but I want to make sure.

Here the main question that is the charging stations are required, because if the cars are ruuning by charging then they need charging after sometime so charging stations must be there near by the tracks after some miles so that EV owners dont get suffer.

I got the answer to my own question, so never mind. There is a standard,
J1772, which all the charging stations and electric car vendors (at least in North America) are compliant with. This standard covers both the physical and electronic interface. It does not apply outside of North America.

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