Charger testing

Hi, im pretty new to this stuff so plz bear with me. I’ve just acquired a 2009 GEM ES 7.0 and it has been sitting for a cpl years so i’m sure the batteries are all bad. s there any way to check to see if the charger works? The person I got it from was unsure whether the charger worked. I would just like to know if the charger works before I get new batteries. it still has the original GEL batteries in it. thanks for any help

It’s tough to tell if the charger is working UNTILL the 12v batterys are charged up. The reason is the charger needs to sense a minimum voltage b4 it will kick on. Example a normal working pack of gem batterys will produce 72volts. Most chargers need to sense 64 volts or higher b4 they will turn on. They recommend you charge each one of the batterys to 12v and then test weather your charger is working.

In most cases the batterys go low and drop beyond 64v and the charger then will not kick on or restart so it sometimes looks like the charger is bad but in most cases it’s just bad batterys

Well I filled the batteries with water and started charging them individually and after a couple rounds they actually charged up enough for the onboard charger to pick up and start charging. so that answers that question. Seems to be operating properly. Thanks for the help