Charger restart control

Haven’t found the exact device needed, so built my own.
Replaces timer.
This uses a simple two wire connection to any battery from about 24v to 100v.
Two set points:
Charger on-led on
Charger off-led off

set to 80v and 72v
When battery reaches 80v ac power is cut to charger
If battery self discharges to 72v charger will again be “plugged in”

100v charger relay

I’m sure these are, or soon will be, available commercially, but for now I only find 12vdc or 220vac powered voltage relays. This is self powered by main battery voltage.

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Sold - I know four people that can use this RIGHT NOW!!! :slight_smile:
Nice work Dave.

Good idea for someone to run with. Not sure if I want to make a bunch of them. Parts are dirt cheap.
You can have this one and I have parts for one more.

Do you have more PCB’s ?

Just two. Didn’t make this from scratch. Takes a few weeks to get the parts. Need someone to test as always.

can you change the voltages?

Yes, anywhere from about 24v to 100v.


I volunteer to test, or send me the parts and I will build and test.

I only have two. I’ll send one for an example and email a link to parts. Better wait til you test it though.
Send me a buck.

Interested on this too

Have one available. $100
Money back if you return it.
If Mike gets them in production price may be different.
I owe Mike money, so he’s on the free stuff list. :slight_smile:

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just saw this…
remind me your paypal pls

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Perfect, sent. Lmk if you have my address

No, unless you left a note.

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