Charger red light blinking

So I have a 2002 gem cart 825 and I have installed 5 agm and 1 gel battery’s. When I put it on charge I get regular red light then it blinks about 3 times then stays solid red for a few seconds. Then it blinks again I don’t know what the problem is. I have re done all the connections and new motor. Could it be the different battery or do I need a new charger?

If you let it go does it go thru the charge cycle? It probably will.

In any event: Loose the Gel and replace with another AGM or less desirably a Flooded. Make sure your on the AGM setting or flooded if you don’t have an AGM.

Yea if I let it go then it says 100% when I turn it on but I don’t know if it is accurate or not but thanks for the advice. I am still trying to get a agm. And I don’t know if I have been misled or something cause I read online that the controllers have a top speed of 25 but I haven’t reprogrammed it and it goes about 40. Could it be it was reprogrammed before cause I’m the second owner. Or could it be the new motor is over riding it. Or could it not be showing a correct reading. Later today I will check with a speedometer on my phone.

Your controller has probably been reprogrammed. I just had to replace one of my AGM’s, got one off Ebay

Ok so i checked the speeds with my iPhone and it is about 2 mph difference. Is there a way to fix this? Or is it the speed controller bad.

You can program your controller to get close. How ever 2 MPH is close enough not to bother with.

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Since you didn’t say if it were 2MPH too high or 2MPH too low… Let some air out of the tires or put some in could calibrate your speedo. :wink:

It is 2 miles a hour higher