Charger Advice

I have my gokart working fine. I started with used junkyard batteries, Now I’m ready to invest in 4–12v deep cycle batteries, probably from Sam’s.
I need advice on a battery charger.
With only 4 batteries I could wire four separate 12v chargers or
get one 48v charger.
I have the ability to build a charger if I have the circuit. I would like a smart
charger that treats my new batteries properly.
Any advice?
Thanks, Mike

I attached a picture of my gokart.

How long would you need to recharge? overnight? once a week? what kind of cycle time?

I’d recomend 4 individual chargers. On applications like this that will suck amps out of the batteries quickly, batteries can go out of balance easily. 4 charges insures each one is recharged to its optimum level. I’d spend a couple hundred on 4 chargers, and make a wiring harness to plug into when you’re charging.

Series chargers don’t evenly charge batteries. Some have higher voltage than others, and some get charged before others finish.

thanks frodus…even i have this problem

I’m making a 48volt motorcycle and I’m going to charge it with individual chargers. Does this mean that I have to disconnect all the batteries to charge them? Because that would really suck having to do that every night…