Car stereo amp controller

the EV1 used a controller that was basicly a large stereo amp to convert DC to AC current. would it be possible to use a large Zx 1500 kicker amp to drive a AC motor? Even if I have to modify the amp.

Despite even figuring out what song to play to get the right vehicle speed :stuck_out_tongue: The amps, and volts for that matter, that these motors draw are far beyond what a car amplifier could handle.

Not at all an expert in the area, but that’s my 2 cents.

my controller is 156V and around 600A max… 93,600W max output.

Then there’s the brains to control the “sound” input to the amp, PLUS to redo the whole power side, because 12V isn’t much Voltage… you want something above 100V for a car or truck.

Change out the FETs and Caps to higher voltage, and install freewheel diodes to keep the current flowing in the motor.

Also, you’d have to redo the amp side so that its PWMing and not outputting a sinusoidal signal for a speaker.

Lots of reasons why you can’t just use one.

HOWEVER, the power sides are remarkably similar.

Thanks for answering my question.

sorry it wasn’t the answer you (and probably others) wanted :frowning:

BTW, I’m working with a company on building them, so if you have other questions, feel free to post them here.