Buyers Beware of "lithium_batteries" Seller On Ebay

Advertising Volt batteries for GEM car. I simply asked for information on range for a specific setup and the seller got very nasty. " How far can I drive my car if you give me a gallon of gas? Do you see how stupid your question was" and “There is nothing worse than a forum junky with mental issues”. I would not do business with this seller if I had to go back to LA batteries.


Remember children, there are no stupid questions. Only stupid people. (South Park)

Are you saying this is your Ebay advertisement? If so, I can say that I have never heard you comment to anyone like the comments I received.

Sorry, no. I believe this is the seller of whom you speak. :slight_smile:
And I would be the forum member with mental issues. :frowning:


I am very glad to hear it is not you. You have always been very helpful to people, and most times go out of your way to do so.

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Lithium_Batteries is his seller name on Ebay.

Appears to be the same seller as @inwo mentioned.

I told my kids the only stupid question was the one you didn’t ask.

Where actually would “new” Volt cells come from?

Sometimes it’s best to just go cruzin on by the whackos…

You mean to just pass on the bad things and not to bring this type of person to the attention of forum members? From his/her comments they do not have much respect for us as customers.

Hehe, no. This person makes themselves quite obvious the once or twice a year they drop in.

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I see now where all the forum junkies with a mental issue hang out.

Maybe “Cruisin” has all the business he can handle since he doesn’t respect "all the forum junkies with a mental issue. Some people just don’t get it.

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Hi. My name is Henrob, let’s be friends. Would you like a hug?

It is not personal but to inform other members of this forum of a problem with someone that conducts themselves in a bad business manner or does not respect the forum or the members is the responsibility of every one of us. Most of the members here are for information that is shared freely and without personal gain. This member Lithium_Batteries on eBay and cruzin on this forum has no respect for the “forum junkies” and offers no help. We need more like Inwo here.


You are one of them, check your replies on the forum.