Brazilian government keen on electric vehicle manufacturing

The Brazilian government has announced talks between government officials, Renault and Nissan together with an array of local automobile companies. It seems that the Brazilian government is very keen to gain a foothold in the electric vehicle market which it believes will be a growth market of the future.

This is great news for Latin America and the automobile industry in general.

This should be good, they have a LOT of cars out there. and with as much Ethanol as they produce, they can use it for their power grid instead to run the vehicles.

This is yet another boost to the momentum growing in the sector - starting to look very interesting.

between that market and China, EV’s are really going to start emerging VERY strongly in the next year or two… :smiley:

The Chinese government will be investing very heavily into electric vehicle technology, battery technology and also pushing electric vehicles to the general public. At the moment the market in China is perhaps not as large as many would expect but there is no doubt that the authorities will be pushing this particular technology very hard in the months and years ahead. For some reason the electric vehicle market seems to have gone through a tipping point and is now more newsworthy than ever before.